Neil Carson

Saxophonist | Composer | Arranger | Producer


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New Nostalgia @ Martyrs' (w/ Echoes, Bonzo Squad) | Chicago, IL

New Nostalgia returns to Martyrs’ to play songs from their new debut album, plus some brand new tunes. Sharing the stage with Bonzo Squad and Echoes, info below:

Comfort in Chaos. Bonzo Squad is a collaborative ensemble that crosses the the boundaries of genre with the virtuosic abilities of its members. The music is not only meant to feel good, but allow audiences to lose themselves. With Vogt's overwhelming positivity, Marks's back pocket, Lawrence's musical honesty, and Andrick's good vibe leadership, the Squad puts the smile on the face.

Echoes is a collectivist jazz ensemble that formed in January 2014 in Oberlin Conservatory’s jazz department. By augmenting its already unorthodox instrumentation with a variety of electronic instruments, the quartet has cultivated a unique and cohesive band sound. Over the course of almost four years of touring and performing, their talents have brought them to venues all across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.